2 Major Takeaways of Having Work as a Source of Happiness [ Complete Guide]

In just the past two decades, we have taken a huge leap in science and technology. This forward step also brought a change in modern society. People are now more connected than ever before and in the world of business, happiness at work is being given more and more attention.

Employee engagement and satisfaction have become so relevant that some of the Fortune 500 companies began transforming work as a source of happiness. The best part is that all the efforts to create a positive and happy company culture pays off. 

These are the statistics about highly engaged employees from a study conducted by Gallup:

  • Absenteeism is reduced by 41%.
  • Highly engaged companies have a 59% reduction in turnover rates.
  • They achieve 10% increase in customer ratings 
  • They achieve 20% increase in sales

To summarize everything, organizations with highly engaged employees are 21% more productive. On the business side, productivity and sales have increased. For the employees, they enjoy better physical and mental well-being.

Here are the 2 major takeaways of having work as a source of happiness:

Better Engagement at Work

When work is something that employees enjoy doing, the activity won’t seem like a daunting task. Instead, they could even look forward to doing it. Creating a healthy and positive atmosphere for the workplace is achievable. 

It can be done by integrating new or better employee benefits along with recognizing the efforts of the workers. Are you familiar with Netflix employee employee benefits? Here are some of them:

  1. Vacation days are unlimited given that they are within reason
  2. Maternity and paternity of up to 1 year.
  3. Lunches are free
  4. Employee stock purchase plan
  5. Open working hours (California)
  6. Mobile phone discounts

Moreover, employees are not micromanaged and are encouraged to voice their opinions. The freedom of workers’ time are given importance and they are also free to give their own judgements at work. 

This allows them to be more creative and to exhibit their natural skills. By not just being centered on the customers but also being employee-oriented, the workforce of your organization will be more engaged.

As a worker of such organization, you won’t feel constrained, drained and feel less stress. While there can be times when workload can still be overwhelming, a positive company culture can allow you to be more resilient and have more grit at work. 

Overall Healthier and Better Lifestyle

There are internal and external factors for you to transform work as a source of happiness. Like any other emotion, happiness should always come from within you. Experiences that happen to you can be either positive or negative depending on how you perceive them. 

Regardless, an overwhelmingly negative or stressful environment can still mess up your thoughts and emotions. For work to become a happy place, here are the things that you can do:

  1. Decide to be happy at work
  2. Learn to love your work
  3. Ask feedback
  4. Be kind to your colleagues
  5. Turn your workmates into good friends
  6. Avoid negativity
  7. Leave work if it causes unhappiness in your life

To a lot of people, happiness is still mysterious. While it may sound too simple, becoming happy begins with deciding to be happy. There is no secret. Happiness and human emotions in general has been studied for hundreds of years.

Look through credible resources and you’ll find a lot of knowledge not being discussed in school or even anywhere else. To give you an example, a book authored by Tony Robbins, “Unlimited Power”, can tell you a lot about the human emotions.

Decide to be happy at work and learn to love your work. Here’s a quote by Alan Watts, “this is the real secret of life to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play”.

Here are other benefits when you are happy at your work:

  • Improved immune system
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced performance
  • You can feel content in life
  • You feel your work has meaning and purpose
  • Time goes by faster

Love your work, make friends at work and avoid negativity. According to The Guardian, employees with a best friend at work are 7 times more likely to be motivated. If your work is a source of unhappiness, decide on looking for another job.

Because even if you have employee benefits same as that of Coca Cola jobs, if you’re work environment is toxic to you, the benefits and salary might not be good enough to compensate for your health and well-being.

We are not saying that TCCC doesn’t have a positive company culture. What we’re saying is that you should prioritize your happiness over everything else. Work as a source of happiness is achievable.

The world is abundant with a lot of the right opportunities just waiting for you. Look for them, act and achieve the type of work that makes you happy. You would want to do this because you deserve to be happy.