Why Businesses With Happy Employees Thrive [Case Study]

For a lot of people, work isn’t synonymous with happiness. To some, work might even be the cause of major stress. Because of this, employees who are miserable at their job are quite common. There are more unhappy employees than happy employees. 

According to an international survey by Ipsos, 85% of employees are unhappy at their jobs. There can be a lot of factors why the workforce are unhappy. A survey by CV-Library found out that these are the top 10 reasons why employees are unhappy:

  1. Not paid enough – 38.9%
  2. No room for career advancement – 36%
  3. Poor company culture – 30.8%
  4. Poor work-life balance – 21.8%
  5. Boring daily routine – 18.7%
  6. Not liking the working hours – 15.3%
  7. Not liking the boss – 14.9%
  8. Having a long commute – 13.6%
  9. Not liking colleagues – 5%
  10. Personal issues affecting work life – 4.8%

Just by knowing these reasons, you can have a better idea on how not to run your organization and improve on its current situation. This way, your workforce can become happier.

But, why is it important to have happy employees in the first place? Moreover, do businesses with happy employees thrive? If so, why? Before we go on with that, it’s first important to know the qualities of these happy employees.

The Qualities of Happy Employees

Top companies know that the impact of happiness at work is of paramount importance. They are employee-oriented and they take steps to achieve happiness at work. Here are the qualities of happy employees and why businesses with happy employees thrive according to The Undercover Recruiter:

They Have The Right Attitude

There has already been a myriad of studies that proved how happy employees have a better attitude at work compared to unhappy employees. According to Inside, “happy employees give a damn more”.

They have a positive can-do attitude that helps boost the morale of the workforce. With employees having the right attitude, there can be less conflict in the workplace and more engagement.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 98% of employees have experienced bad conduct. Here are the results from their study:

  • 48% decreased their work effort on purpose.
  • 47% decreased their time spent at work on purpose.
  • 38% decreased the quality of their work on purpose.
  • 80% lost work time because of thinking about the incident.
  • 63% wasted work time because of avoiding the offender.
  • 66% reported that their performance got worse.
  • 78% reported that their loyalty to the organization declined.
  • 12% stated that they left their job because of being treated in an uncivil manner.
  • 25% admitted that they took their frustrations out on the customers.

If there are conflicts in your organization, learn how to resolve employee conflicts before they spiral out of control. 

They Are Productive

Employee happiness is linked to better productivity and performance. Happy workers are more productive and perform better because they are engaged. A lot of case studies and research have proven this to be the case. Here are the statistics:

  1. According to Business2Community, organizations that have high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%. 
  2. Aberdeen has conducted a study that showed engaged companies experience 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% increase in annual revenue.
  3. According to the book, The Happiness Advantage, “ happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements.”

They Are Team Players

According to Inc, happy employees support each other. Happy employees are more willing to give and ask for help when needed. They also help motivate and influence each other. 

Happy employees help cultivate a positive work culture which then helps spread more happiness in the workplace. Having a positive company culture helps fight the impact of chronic stress in the workplace

They Inspire Creativity

Businesses need creative ideas to solve problems or to make an innovation. Studies have proved that happiness is linked to creativity. According to Author Shawn Anchor, the brain is more creative and efficient when the individual is happy. 

Because of this, they are more able to think outside the box. It’s like turning their creative energy into high gear similar to when someone uses a plot generator with different fantasy writing prompts ideas or other prompt ideas. This enables them to acquire breakthrough solutions that less motivated and less positive workers might not think of. This benefit of having happy employees is a must-have if you want your business to prosper.

Taking steps to make your employees happier is a win-win scenario for the employer and the workers. When workers are happier at their job, they are also healthier, more loyal and have a better quality of life in general.

For the employers, this allows them to get better sales, better customer experience and better employee retention. These takeaways of having work as a source of happiness allows personal and professional success as well as the success of the organization.